Z List Membership - Estate option 3L

This large format Z List option provides you access to 3L bottles of Geyserville (March) and Lytton Springs (September). You may select to receive 1 or 2 bottles of each. This membership option is intended to be selected in conjunction with the 750ml Z List program.

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Today's membership purchase receipt will reflect $0. You are placing a Ridge membership into your shopping cart. By doing so, you agree to have your credit card automatically charged for shipments and to have an adult present to sign for receipt of each shipment. Our Z List membership includes 2 shipments/year and the average shipment cost is $193.50 to $387, dependent upon the number of bottles you've chosen to include in each shipment. Membership in our wine club is ongoing unless you contact us to cancel.
  • The wines are delicious. If you don't agree, we'll take them back.
  • They'll arrive in perfect condition. If they don't, we'll send you new ones.
  • You'll always know where the grapes are grown, how the wine was made, and when to drink it, which is included on the back label of every wine we produce. Explore our label.